Swift Strategies In Clinical Psychology For 2015

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Clinical Psychology

We were completely in the dark. Jeffrey Rothbard, a lawyer for the firm Rothbard, Rothbard, Kohn & Kellar, which is the target of the suit by Helfmann and Continued Short Hills Associates, declined to comment. In the firms response to the complaint , its lawyers deny any wrongdoing. Helfmann has also filed a lawsuit against the state psychology board and Joan D. Gelber, a senior deputy state attorney general, accusing them of violating his rights. And he has filed a grievance against Gelber with the New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics, asserting that she misrepresented her inquiry into the matter, used inflammatory language in legal documents and sought to blame him for his lawyers actions. A spokesman for the state declined to comment on behalf of both the psychology board and Gelber. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the patient privacy law better known as HIPAA, requires health providers to disclose only the minimum information necessary if they sue patients over unpaid bills. But the law did not apply to Short Hills Associates because it covers only providers who submit data electronically, which the practice did not at the time. It now does. Helfmann sent the state psychology board a letter from Alan Nessman, senior special counsel for legal and regulatory affairs at the American Psychological Association, noting that psychologists are not legal experts.

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